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Learn Hebrew from any language

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You will be able to learn Hebrew from your native language, with teacher support, interactive exercises and videos with auto correction that are going to make easier your learning.

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A new way to study Hebrew Anytime Anywhere

Learn with interactive videos and exercises with AI of Voice, Grammar and Vocabulary


Become familiar with the phrases learned through practice and repetition to reinforce and internalize new vocabulary.


Students can learn a specific subject and interact in the video with multimedia exercises and intelligent correction at the moment.


Learn vocabulary with interactive flashcards and associate words to images.


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Study Hebrew Features

Learn Vocabulary Through Images Instead of Translations

The process of creating learning through flashcards allows the brain to divide large amounts of complex information into small, memorable parts.

The student receives an image with the word in Hebrew and the corresponding phonetics, the exercise is based on the student entering the translation in their native language to encourage memorization.

Voice excercices with Artificial Intelligence

Through a voice recognition system with artificial intelligence, the platform is able to capture, correct and evaluate the student. This process has been optimized so that in 3 simple steps the student can practice what was learned previously in the video.

In the first step, the student can read the word or phrase in Hebrew, phonetics and its translation, in the second step the student practices with his voice the Hebrew pronunciation and the platform captures and corrects the student and in the third step the student receives the correction and in the case of not being correct the student can see what the interpreted word was.

Learn Hebrew with Smart Excercices


Students can practice what they have learned in the video with exercises focused on voice, vocabulary, and grammar that have an instant and intelligent correction being able to complement what he has learned with automatic correction.

Study Hebrew easy with Alexa

Learn Hebrew in your language

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Our students says:

“¡El curso es excelente! Pude aprender Hebreo desde mi casa fácil y respondieron a todas mis dudas.
Ha superado todas mis expectativas.”

Simón Seia


“Después de hacer aliyah me sirvió para mejorar mi hebreo básico. 

Pude estudiar y trabajar e hizo que mi clitá en Israel sea más sencilla.”

Alejandro Ackienasi


“Encontré el método de enseñanza que estaba buscando, quería aprender hebreo desde mi casa y sin horarios. Aprendí a leer y mucho vocabulario.”

Eugenio Chiappero